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Weather conditions:

    Temperature 77 degrees F
    Barometer 29.97 ( rising )
    Humidity: 60% (est)
    Winds: Calm
    Sky conditions: 100% cloud cover

I have an EMF monitor and Static field monitor in operation here 24 / 7. (This is done to possibly capture any such activity that may be related to UFO or other such activity). In the case of the boom, no unusual disturbances were detected in any of the systems that would normally detect lightning or similar phenomena. I also monitor for ground wave activity using a geophone system. That system showed minimal response and corresponded with what would be expected from an airborne source, not geological in origin. Thus I would rule out any blasting or fracking activity as the cause.

Earlier that afternoon thunderstorms had passed through but these were out of the area. The front was over the mountains about 100 miles or more east of here. The only thing out of the ordinary related to weather was that a high level of contamination from the wild fires in the west had accumulated over this area resulting in an air quality advisory.

No reports related to any astronomical events were received and no other reports related to this boom were received here.

Based on limited data available I believe this is an unusual event related to a rogue lightning discharge relatively nearby. The high levels of particulate matter from the smoke may or may not have played a role; this I cannot confirm. Until additional data is obtained to the contrary I am calling this a weather related event.

Nov 8, 2019 - Large Orb Blocks Road

I received a call from a witness who related the following experience:
"I was coming home from Masontown on the Bowood Road. As I went over the top of a rise, I saw this ball in the road just sitting there. It was about 2 feet around and was blocking the road.

I couldn't get around it so I stopped. Sat there for a minute then decided to get out and move it so I could continue home. I even thought about taking it home as a oddity. But when I opened the car door it started to just fade away. Not quick. It took a few seconds to vanish. But then it disappeared. it never moved, just faded away. I closed the door and wondered What the hell was that? After that I just went on home, nothing else to say."

I contacted the witness and obtained a few more details. He stated the object was silvery gray in color.. No markings or other details, just a sphere about 2 feet in diameter. He could not recall if there was a shadow under it. (Weather was mostly cloudy but still should have caused a darkening under the object.) He stopped about 50 feet away from the object. No sounds were heard nor other effects noted. Beyond that he saw no other details to report. I asked about any emotional responses, fear, feeling threatened, etc. He said he had no fear or trepidation about it. No physical evidence was seen or obtained. A few leading questions provided no additional reliable information.

Limited data, no other witnesses present.

May, 2016 - Hairy Creature Sighted on Mud Pike

The witnesses were driving down Mud Pike when the driver saw what appeared to be a large hairy animal, possibly a bear walking upright, cross the road some distance ahead. He slowed the car to a crawl. Using a flashlight, both witnesses were trying to catch a glimpse of it in the woods below. They did not see that creature again.

Suddenly a second creature came from the bank on the left into the path of their car about 20 feet ahead. The driver immediately slammed on his brakes and stopped with the creature clearly visible in the headlights about 10 - 15 feet in front of the car.

It was about 7 feet high, standing upright on two legs with arms well below the hips. It stared directly at the car, eyes glowing bright red. This was no bear.

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