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This thing glided down to no more than 20 feet above the pavement then flapped its wings once or twice. Each flap it seemed to raise it about 20 feet higher above the road. This is how I know what the wingspan was, because when it spread them out they went from one edge of the pavement to the other and then some. It veered off to the west and disappeared over the trees on that side of the road. I watched the guy with the camera and he followed it into the woods like he was trying to get more pictures. Not me, I was not going to hang around and get attacked or something. This thing was big enough it have easily picked up a man.

Investigator comments:

The weather was in the 50s, partly sunny at the time. This area is rural;, the Monongahela River is about 1/4 mile east and the communities beyond that on the opposite side of the river. The witness was driving alone and going to visit family at the time of the encounter. The road here is a four lane divided highway (two north, two south with grass median between them.)

Additional questioning clarified the sighting as more like a bat than a bird, witness emphasized no feathers, instead short dark grey or black hair on the body. No sound was heard, nor any effects seen as the creature passed by. There was a 10 - 15 mph breeze out of the NW so air disturbance would not be noted unless extreme. The witness observed the creature both from inside and outside his car. A check was made to local media regarding any additional sightings, so far none reported. The witness who was taking pictures never came forward.

April 2023 - Glowing Sphere Near Elco


    Date: 18 April, 2023
    Time: Approx 10:00 hrs
    Weather: Partly Cloudy, Temp: 50s
    Location: Seen from Elco Hill Rd, Rt 88 Northbound

Witness narrative from initial e-Mail:

The object appeared over the hood of my truck about 20 feet away. I was near the bottom of Elco Hill Road. I slowed down and it seemed to pace my truck while I was going down the hill. When I slowed so did the ball of light. I thought maybe the sun was reflecting off of my window or something like that but I noticed that it was there even when the sun was behind a cloud. It was getting more off to the right as I drove on, finally it seemed to disappear on the right out over the river and was gone. That was the last I saw it.

The witness also provided the following additional information in an interview. The object was first noticed ahead of and to the right of the truck. He could not recall how it first appeared; it was just there. It appeared white in color and seemed to shine by its own light. He describes it as spherical and about 20 - 24 inches in diameter. It appeared solid with defined edges. No mists or vapor were noted. Witness said he was not afraid only puzzled by what he saw. He reported no previous UFO or other paranormal experiences.

With the limited data available no definitive conclusions were possible.

July 2021 - Loud Boom Heard In Fayette County.

As an investigator I usually deal with cases second hand. This relates to a sound I heard myself and the conclusions I have arrived at based on personal observations. It fits well with what others have been reporting recently.

On Sunday night, July 18, 2021 at 9:55 PM a loud boom shook my house. I immediately went outside to look for a source. I saw nothing in the way of visual activity. What was odd about this was the sound itself. It consisted of a single low frequency concussion rather than the rumble one might expect from thunder. No echo or other such reverberation was heard, only the initial boom which faded over about one second. This seems to point to the source originating from a single point, unlike a bolt of lightning which covers a considerable distance and results in the rumble as the sound travels from various points along the route of the lightning bolt.

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