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Welcome to the Paranormal Library !

    You passed two signs on the way to the library. The "Other links" sign post will take you a list of websites that have provided assistance toward developing this one. The "Events" bulletin board will change anytime I decide to post something there. Details will be available by clicking the sign board.

    Unlike many similar sites which only promote their groups or contain a lot of TV related stuff, this website is intended as a resource for investigators and others seeking a serious study of alleged Paranormal Activity.   It is for anyone with an interest, Experiencers or Investigators.   The Library will provide answers to your questions.

    While you are visiting the Paranormal Library, you will find a CONTACT ME button on many pages. Use that button to send me your comments or questions about what you read.

    If you are an experiencer and have had a paranormal event and want to Report it, Press or Tap the SUBMIT YOUR REPORT Button here. You can also Open A Case File in the library.

    If you are an Investigator or want to find out about becoming one, scroll on down to enter the library. Crack Open a Book and Read On !

    Often investigators need a peer review of evidence they have obtained. That can be done through this website.   CONTACT ME and I will respond with instructions how to proceed based on the evidence you are concerned about.

    Finally, If you still haven't found what you need, continue on down to the "Information Desk" and check with the Wizard who has answered a few questions along the way.    Or while you are there you can also submit your query for his consideration.

    Submit your case for review

    Have you experienced something you can't explain? If so I want to hear from you.

    All that's needed to get your case evaluated is to click the folder on the left to open a page that allows you to start the investigation process. Once you submit the required information I will get back to you with how your case will be handled. (All cases differ so I can't provide details until I review your file.)

    A bit about me and why this page is here

    Who are you and why is this page here? Hopefully this book will explain who I am and why I compiled this website. The website is intended to weed out some of the misconceptions people have about what constitutes paranormal investigation and apply scientific methods toward finding conclusions. It may not provide all the answers but at least it will serve to cut through a lot of the foolishness being seen these days on TV and in the movies.

    Open Volume 1

    I saw a program on TV ! What Do I Need to start investigating the paranormal?

    Volume One will give you the basics from the beginning. It includes a critical look at a couple of my cases as examples of what to expect. It will show what worked as expected and what I needed to improve on. We all learn from examples and every one of us can look back and see what we could have done differently.

    Open Volume 2

    This book will provide a "shopping list" of what you need in the way of equipment. It starts with a "Cheat Sheet"; a List of items detailing what to get as well as what to avoid. These are items that many include in their tool kit. The items are outlined on the list and details on many are provided in this volume. Some things don't require much in the way of explanation, (How hard is it to use a Notepad and Pencil?), but some do need a bit of clarification. Many, including some Old School methods, are covered and explained here. But some are by nature more technical and require a more involved explanation. These will be covered in Volume 3

    Open Volume 3

    Volume Three picks up where Volume Two left off. We will take a deep dive into equipment often used by investigators. It looks at the various types of EMF meters and monitors, our cameras and audio recorders, Phone Apps, and the Spirit Boxes many are using. Does all this stuff really help us? Or are we sometimes our own worst enemy?

    Open Volume 4

    You have obtained your gear, gone on a few investigations and now have some evidence to work with. But what does it all mean? How does the evidence all fit together? Is it what you think it is? Your state of mind also plays a factor when you analyze data, are you really objective? Do preconceptions affect your outcome? Are you unbiased? You better be, otherwise you are headed down a rough road

    Volume 4 will take a look at how various factors become issues when trying to resolve a claim of paranormal activity.

    Open Volume 5

    Volume Five is a compilation of other things you may encounter as you investigate the paranormal. It is made up of issues others have dealt with and resolved along the way. Many topics covered here have come from other investigators who have submitted comments and questions to this page over the years. More may be added as things come up in the field of Paranormal Research.

    A Look at a few cases I have worked over the years.

    This is a book containing a few cases I have worked. Some are unresolved; others have been concluded. Most are local cases here in western Pennsylvania. They are for your enjoyment and are cleared for release by the people involved. ( Please note, due to confidentiality levels set by the witnesses no additional information will be released. ) Click or tap the Book to open it.

    Hopefully you have found what you were looking for. But if you still have questions or feel something is not right, before you leave the Paranormal Library, visit the Information Desk below. Consult with the Wizard. He is on the payroll here and is available to resolve your concerns.

    After travelling the world, the wizard has returned to answer your questions. He has put a lot of seemingly unrelated paranormal subjects into this collection and presented them here. The Wizard awaits your visit.

    If you haven't found what you're looking for here, consult with the Wizard. Ask at the Information Desk and add your own topic for discussion. He may just add it to his collection at the library !

    Consult With The Wizard

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