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the tent right on the property line where we could see across the field and still have the benefit of the woods. We built a campfire at the edge of the field and sat around for about 3 hours till somewhere around 9:00. My brother was not planning on spending the night so he walked across the field back to his house. Me and [my son] sat around the fire and just talked about everything from fishing to local ghost stories. Ate smores and finally it was getting cold. I think we picked the coldest night of the summer for this but we decided to tough it out instead of giving up and going back down to my brother's place.

It was about 11:00 after we turned in we heard this animal howling. I am familiar with coyotes but if that is what this was it was the sickest sounding coyote I ever heard. Can't really rule it out though. It howled twice then I didn't hear it again. The sound seemed quite far off at the far side of the field or even in the woods. I have heard if you knock on trees sometimes bigfoot might respond. So we took a large stick and knocked on a few trees. We didn't get any answer so we gave up after a few minutes and went back in the tent. We laid there and finally went to sleep.

About 2:00 we were awakened by a bright light outside the tent. The light only lasted a couple seconds then was gone. But when we looked outside a white glowing circle was moving across the sky above the field. It moved to above the woods across the field then suddenly stopped. Then it started back toward us and stopped again about halfway over the field. Then it moved off to the east until we lost sight of it because of the trees. It reappeared off to the side of the woods only now it was very small and probably about a half mile away. It stopped again and just hovered there. About that time from the same area we could hear an animal in distress. The best I could describe the sound was like a dog in great pain. The howling and crying went on for about 10 or 15 seconds then suddenly stopped. All the time the crying went on the light just hovered over the trees. When it stopped the light quickly moved away and disappeared. That was the last we saw of it.

I interviewed both witnesses and found their story appeared credible. Both related similar details. When asked if anyone took pictures I was told they had a phone but it failed to work. After some questions it seems the son had run the battery down playing games on it earlier that evening and when they tried to take a picture it was dead. This was not related to the sighting.

I also asked about the possibility the brother might have just been pranking them. The witness said that while his brother was somewhat of a jokester, but this would be out of character for him. He would want to stick around and see the outcome if he had pulled something instead of simply saying he knew nothing about it.

A search was made of the area in question with no physical evidence found. Pending additional data this is about as far as this case can go.

Washington County, Pa
Flying Creature Sighting

This report was received by phone on 20 May, 2008. The following is a summarized transcription of the witness comments:

I was going south on the four lane about two miles from the Rt 40 interchange. Brownsville and California (local municipalities) were off to my left across the river. Then I saw what at first glance looked to be a plane coming up over the trees. Then I noticed it was moving its wings and not a plane at all. It came toward my car and I immediately pulled off the road to get a better look. It flew over the car and headed behind me probably about 100 feet in the air. By now it appeared to be gliding and coming down sort of like a hawk only it looked more like a giant bat than a bird. No feathers, only a dark hair covered the body and the wings appeared to be a membrane stretched over bone or something like that. I was looking up toward the sky and because the sky was bright it was hard to see real good detail. It was sort of like a shadow. But I could see the membrane did let a little bit of light through, it was not solid like a piece of metal.

Whatever this was kept going lower behind the car and I noticed a couple other cars way back. One swerved into the passing lane kept coming toward me and passed me by. There was a woman driving, that's all I could see. She looked over at me and then back to where the animal was flying. The another car, a little closer to me but still some distance back, stopped and somebody got out. This person had a camera and was taking pictures so I know somebody out there has proof. I couldn't see any cars going northbound so I don't know if anybody in those lanes saw it or not.

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