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As an investigator I am always open to new cases.

It does not matter how strange or unusual they are, I await your contact. You can use the link provided here or any of the "Contact Me" buttons on the website. Just send me an e-mail and I will respond to you. But if you are wanting me to advise you on anything I do need a bit of information to work with!

I would like to provide a simple form for you to fill out but this becomes a problem. No two cases are the same, and sometimes even the same kind of case has a wide variation in the type of data available. So it becomes difficult to develop a single form for all experiences. As a result I have gone to a simple e-mail narrative as the means of passing along the data related to a case. But there are certain things I do require in order to work your case. Be sure to include the following in your e-mail when you send it:

  • The date and time the event happened to the best of your ability to recall.
  • Your name and names of any other witnesses to the event.
  • Note if any other people or animals were affected by the event.
  • The weather conditions at the time even if it was an indoor experience.
  • Note too whether this was a one time occurrence or if it was a repeating happening,
  • Note if any evidence (sound recording, pictures, residue, hair samples, or any other physical evidence exists. Do Not attach files or send it at this time! I will advise you on how to proceed once the case is underway!
  • Finally describe in detail exactly what happened or what you experienced. Include any facts you feel may be important to drawing conclusions. We can never have too much data; the more inclusive you are the better the chances of resolving your experience.

Once you have composed you narrative, hit send to open your e-mail program and send the information to me. I will review it and will reply to you with my recommendations regarding the next step(s) to take.

Click the Case Folder to open your e-mail program.

Then compose your narrative.

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