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Request For Specialty Electronics Quote

This page allows you to request a price quote on having something built to your specifications. It is intended for those who have an idea for something but have not yet developed it or have no place to obtain such a device. Even if you are not sure what you want, you may submit your concept for consideration.

If you have never ordered specialty electronics, or are unfamiliar with how this works, Click here to open a pop up that explains the ordering process. It starts with a simple Three Step form which you are viewing now.

STEP 1:Begin by describing the basics of what you have in mind in the box below. Include all details and features you want the device to contain. If you have any limitations such as size, weight, power requirements, etc. also include those in your description. Your specifications will be reviewed and a determinatuion will be made regarding the feasibility of your project. Should we decide it is something we would be interested in pursuing, a quote, including price and delivery date, will be generated based on the information you provide.

STEP 2: Once you have provided all the details above, complete the form below with your contact information.

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STEP 3: If you ready to Request Your Quote, Click the Button.      To Start over Click

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