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Differential Controller for
Solar Water Heater

What Is It?
The Differential Controller is a two speed differential thermostat used to operate the two circulating pumps used with the Solar Water Heater System. It provides all of the timing and control functions needed for system operation. Included with this module are the power supply, the power control relays, and two sensors. Complete calibration instructions will allow you to get this controller operating once it is installed on your system.

This is also one of the Customizable Products offered for sale by BE Labs. These are built to the specifications you choose. Click here to open a pop up that explains the ordering process. The unit as supplied will operate the system as explained on the web page, however since this is built on order you have the option of making certain changes to the basic system.

The basic unit is supplied in a plain metal box with an internal terminal strip which allows for connections to power and pumps. A printed circuit card containing the electronics is also located in this box. It is easily removable for service or testing if needed.

To begin the Ordering Process simply complete the form below. When you are finished Click on "Submit". Instructions regarding the purchase will be sent to you via e-mail. Send No Money at this time.

Order Form

STEP1:YES! I Want to order One Solar Water Heater Differential Controller        Price for basic unit - $195.00

STEP 2: Because this is a customized order you have the ability to include other features not listed above for consideration. If you have any other features you might want on your controller please discribe them here. We will look over your ideas and determine the feasibility of including them and the additional costs involved. You will be contacted prior to receiving your price quote to decide whether or not you wish to follow through with their inclusion. You may also use this box for any other notations or concerns you may have regarding this project.    Price Adjustments dependent upon features. Will be Outlined in Price Quote.


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