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    UFO Investigations- Finding A Group
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    If you are looking to either find an investigator to file a report with or begin investigating cases for yourself, this site can help you. There are many groups to be found simply by searching the internet. But how do you find one you can work with?

    First, to address those who simply want to find an investigator who can take their case, you can simply use the "Contact Me" Button above and complete the simple form. I will respond with additional instructions applicable to your case. While I do cases anywhere, be advised that due to expenses involved I cannot do personal onsite investigations for every case. You may be advised to locate a local team or investigator to handle your case. I do work with numerous investigators so I may be able to refer you to such a person in your area.

    Since many paranormal groups concentrate on ghosts these days, ask questions. See if they seem interested in your case. If not then find another group. Regardless of what some may claim, there is no certification or other organization which controls these groups so it's buyer beware! And if they ask a fee of any kind, RUN!. Most investigators do not charge for their work, the ones out to make a fast buck at your expense do! And be willing to work with whoever you choose. Unlike TV where everything is wrapped up quickly, real investigations often take time to sift through data. But often answers can be found!

    That said the other purpose here is to guide those who want to begin investigating in getting started. So let's begin. Unlike the ghost hunting field, UFO research has not seen all the hype from TV that has brought a lot of attention. Consequently there are not many who do UFO cases exclusively. Some paranormal investigators claim to do everything but a quick look at their website shows mostly what they do are ghosts and hauntings. So what if you actually want to do UFOs?

    Unlike Ghost Investigation, UFO research isn't that much of a group effort. Of course a group can do it, but since the biggest part of the work is simply interviewing and getting testimony to what was witnessed, a team effort is not required. I often do cases alone or possibly with just someone along for company. Even some of the field work can be done alone because you generally also have the witness with you to relate his story.

    About the only advantage to a group is in a situation where a large geographical area is covered. If you have members over several states it allows someone to respond quickly to any report before evidence is lost. UFO reports come in at any time without warning. It's not like ghost and haunting cases where the phenomena as been ongoing. If you have a group hopefully there is a nearby member who can be called to respond. Once there that person can make contact with any witnesses and begin the investigation process.

    Once you obtain the witness statement the real work is done back at your desk. Making calls and trying to put together what he saw is easily done alone. Of course if you have a friend who is also interested the two of you can work together to make the work easier. But unlike most other types of investigation the group isn't really necessary.

    Of course this doesn't mean you don't need anyone to help you. Certainly you need consultants and contacts. More about that in the Methods section! But these people don't need to be part of an organized group unless they too share your interest. UFO cases can be done either with a group or alone, it's up to you.

    Finding A Group Choosing The Right Equipment A Look at Proper Investigative Methods Obtaining and Preserving Evidence Critical Analysis Of Your Evidence and Conclusions

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