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    If you are looking to either find an investigator to file a report with or begin investigating Creature cases for yourself, this site can help you. There are many groups to be found simply by searching the internet. But how do you find one you can work with? To address the witness who simply wants to report a sighting he can do so here by simply clicking the "Contact Me" button on the left.

    otherwise a search of your locality should find a local investigator. From there arrange to meet with the group and watch their reaction. Many paranormal groups concentrate on ghosts these days so ask questions. See if they seem interested in your case, or cryptozoology in general. If not then find another group. There is no certification or other organization which controls these groups so it's buyer beware! And if they ask a fee of any kind, RUN!. Most investigators do not charge for their work, the ones out to make a fast buck at your expense do!

    Because of the wide variety of cases related to this area there is no "One size fits all" approach to these investigations. However there are a couple things common to all.

    First it is imperative to keep an open mind. Of all the types of paranormal investigations these unusual ones also have the highest percentage of "solved" cases. That is because they are also addressed using a logical approach, and because those who report them often do not assign a paranormal aspect to them. They actually welcome a mundane explanation. For example in a Ghost report those making the report assume their house is haunted, someone reporting a loud Boom simply asks what was it? They have no preconceptions so are more open to whatever the evidence leads to. For this reason you, as an investigator don't have to disprove that ghosts or aliens did it, only to prove what actually was the cause.

    So the question becomes, How do I find a group? To begin, if you simply want to make a report and have your case investigated you can click the "Contact Me" button on the top, left and I will take a look at your case. But whether you are wanting to join a group or simply report something you experienced the basic requirements are the same. You want someone who will look at your case objectively and get to the bottom of what is responsible. For that you meet with them and discuss what they do. Are they objective? Do they seem to be interested? If so that is a positive sign. These days many groups are concentrating on ghosts and hauntings, some almost exclusively. Is that the case here or do they seem well rounded in studying all areas of the paranormal? If they seem too ghost oriented you may want to look elsewhere. They may have a preconceived notion your case involves ghosts when in fact it is quite mundane in its nature.

    One point addressed to those simply wanting to find an investigator or group. There are some out there who charge a fee for services. If you contact someone who does, look elsewhere! These are simply trying to make a fast buck on your ignorance of the facts.

    For the prospective investigator the question becomes "How do I find a good group to join?" Assuming you have found one which is serious and meets the objectivity requirements, your next question is how involved are they in doing what you want to do? If you want to get out every day and work cases and the group is content with once a month meetings then clearly the two won't mesh very well. So the issue becomes not only finding a good group, but a good group which fits what you want to do.

    The diversity of cases is another consideration. As I stated at the beginning, there is no "one size fits all". Unlike the other areas of the paranormal such as UFOs or ghosts, there are many subdivisions when it comes to these fringe areas. Some teams work crop circles exclusively. Others are involved in parapschology. Still others deal with various beliefs and are more spiritual in nature. You will have to determine if your prospective group is something you are interested in.

    If you are having trouble finding a group the next consideration is whether or not you even need one. That is a tough call in this type of investigation. Clearly many cases can be done solo since they consist of little more than witness interviews and a lot of legwork. I have actually done some cases by telephone and never even met the client face to face! But other times you will need a team to go into the field to conduct research. So even if you don't join a group at the very least you will need a friend who can help you at times.

    Finally you will definitely need consultants in various fields. Of all fields of paranormal research this area produces the most physical evidence. Items will need analyzed, often by outside sources. So it becomes important to try to develop these contacts before you need them. That is where other groups can be helpful even if you are not a member. Often they have people they can call on and are willing to share this information when it comes your turn to need help. Of course when they need help they may ask you to call on one of your consultants. But that is the way serious research is done. We all help each other, no one goes it entirely alone. It has been said, Those who go alone, crash alone.

    Finding A Group Choosing The Right Equipment A Look at Proper Investigative Methods Obtaining and Preserving Evidence Critical Analysis Of Your Evidence and Conclusions

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