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      This page is a gateway to the field of Paranormal Investions. You may visit Other DESTINATIONS by clicking the "MAIN HOME button on the left. There you can also find a link to the DESTINATIONS Store where a few items related to paranormal investigation can be purchased. Check It Out !

      Unlike most websites which simply promote the team behind them, this page covers what you need to know to conduct such research. Since the field is widely diversified this Topic has been separated into four categories based on the type of investigations covered. These sub-topics can be selected using the four blue buttons on the left. But be aware, just because you intend to investigate one area doesn't mean things stay that way. You may start out in the cemetery looking for ghosts when a UFO flies overhead!

      In addition, A Question and Answer archive is available. It's been called the FAQ Page Of The Paranormal, covering many topics of interest. Whether you are a seasoned investigator or someone with a casual interest there is something there for you. Click the Button on the left to begin your query. And feel free to submit your own questions or comments. With your permission they could become a part of the archive!

      For those who have used previous versions of this website to submit evidence for review there has been a change in methods. Previously a form was available for that purpose, now you should simply use the "Contact Me" Button above and advise me what you have. I will respond with instructions based on what evidence you wish to submit.

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