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    Bigfoot and Cryptid Investigations - Finding A Group
    Choosing The Right Equipment A Look at Proper Investigative Methods Obtaining and Preserving Evidence Critical Analysis Of Your Evidence and Conclusions

    If you are looking to either find an investigator to file a report with or begin investigating Creature cases for yourself, this site can help you. There are many groups to be found simply by searching the internet. But how do you find one you can work with? To address the witness who simply wants to report a sighting he can do so here by simply clicking the "Contact Me" button on the left.

    otherwise a search of your locality should find a local investigator. From there arrange to meet with the group and watch their reaction. Many paranormal groups concentrate on ghosts these days so ask questions. See if they seem interested in your case, or cryptozoology in general. If not then find another group. There is no certification or other organization which controls these groups so it's buyer beware! And if they ask a fee of any kind, RUN!. Most investigators do not charge for their work, the ones out to make a fast buck at your expense do!

    The other purpose here is to guide those who want to begin investigating creature sightings in getting started. So let's begin. There are groups and investigators who specialize in the Cryptozoology field, but in most cases they will likely take on other types as well. In many instances the requirements are similar to those who study UFOs. So if your interest is Bigfoot and creature sightings before actually joining an existing group find out just how active they are in this area. Most groups these days seem to emphasize haunts and ghosts, some almost exclusively. Joining one of these likely would net you little real interest in the area of creature investigation. So do your legwork to find one which does cover the subject.

    With ghost hunting the emphasis seems to be on starting a group. They get a team together to do their work. With Bigfoot investigation it is similar in the fact that often Bigfoot researchers do field work. They organize trips out into the woods in an attempt to find evidence of the creatures. In that regard a team effort is advised. Besides the issue of safety, a group can obviously cover more territory. It is also a plus for any group you consider to have people onboard who are familiar with the outdoors, especially if they plan to do overnight camping trips.

    But if you are limiting your research to only client cases where a creature has been spotted previously then those cases run very similar to the UFO field. (In fact there have been numerous cases where the two have been seen together.) They consist primarily of witness interviews. Because of this, and if you plan to limit yourself accordingly, it is possible to do this work as an independent researcher. But generally I don't advise it because of the limitations it places on your investigations. Also many cases do require outdoor field work, and for safety two people should be present in event of an accident.

    Another advantage of the group is the ability to cover a large area. At times you may get a call that a creature was seen within minutes of the sighting. If you have a group with a well connected member base it may be possible to get people there shortly after the event. This is important to preserve evidence and get a witness testimony while the events are still fresh.

    But either way you will at times need the help of outside consultants. Since you are dealing with creatures one of the main forms of evidence will be hair samples or feces. Unless you are an expert in these fields at identifying this material you will likely need help from someone who is. So whether you are acting as an independent or opt to join a group, you will want to establish these connections before beginning your investigations.

    Finding A Group Choosing The Right Equipment A Look at Proper Investigative Methods Obtaining and Preserving Evidence Critical Analysis Of Your Evidence and Conclusions

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