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Driveway Vehicle Detector 50 Watt Audio Power amplifier 12 Volr Uninterruptable Power Source 8085 Based Microprocessor Board

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      Are you an electronics experimenter? The four blue buttons open a few projects you may be interested in. These are schematics and basic outlines, suitable for adaptation into other projects you may have in mind. And if you don't see what you are looking for, contact me. I have many other designs available for your consideration.

      Since Electronics is also a hobby of mine I have built quite a few other devices, some small and portable, others quite involved. Scroll on down this page to see a few of them. Enjoy! And if they give you any ideas, help yourself! That is why I posted them. Then contact me and let me know how they have helped!

    An Assortment of Custom Built Electronic Devices

    The EVamP2 Mixer

    This was built for my research into Paranormal Events.

    It is a dual channel mixer with extremely high gain used for EVP Research.

    In addition it has filtering to emphasize voice band frequencies.

    The Equipment Rack

    This is the location of the main control systems used throughout the house. Each uses a dedicated processor independent of the others.

    The Solar Heating system which is a separate topic on this website is controlled from here.

    In addition, the Digital Control system is located here. This allows various DTMF Keypads to access functions from various locations. Stereo operation, lighting, and other control commands are handled by this system

    Telephone operations are also controlled from here. The Telephone control handles Paging and some Phone operations related to other control systems.

    All systems are powered by an Uninterruptable Power Source capable of maintaining full operations of all controllers for up to 16 hours before going into a power conservation mode. Limited operation in Power Conservation mode can extend up to 72 hours.

    Over The Air Antennas

    I am not a proponent of paying for something I can get for free.

    As a result I don't use cable or satellite TV. Instead I capture my TV from the air for free.

    This antenna uses a high band VHF and a UHF antenna array. I get good signal from over 30 stations. More than enough, considering the garbage out there on most of them.

    The Main Control Panel and Stereo System

    Located in the Living Room, this is the Stereo Control System. The DTMF Keypad here is considered the Primary Control and can access all DTMF functions throughout the house.

    A two digit code is assigned to all stereo functions related to Input Selection, Speaker Outputs, and other effects.

    Other codes allow many lights throughout the house to be turned on or off remotely.

    Status Messages related to the Message Annunciator System can also be called up using this keypad. Other Keypads located elsewhere are secondary in that certain functions may be blocked from those locations. Coding in the controller determines what may be accessed from any location.

    Power Module used for Paranormal Investigation

    This work table contains a 12 Volt Battery and inverter. It is used as a work area while doing investigations.

    Various instruments are placed here, and the power for them is supplied from the module. Ths isolates the equipment from any potential sources of irregularities in the power at the investigation site.

    Inside VoiceTrax

    VoiceTrax is the speech synthsizer which announces various conditions around the house. Most devices tie into it.

    Here is an inside look at the controller which drives it. The system is based on the 8085 Processor and uses the General Instruments SPO 256 Allophone Speech Synthesizer.

    It announces Door Bell activations, the presence of Mail or the Newspaper, the status of the Washer and Dryer, Security messages, Power conditions, and other system related messages.

    Telephone operations related to Paging are also sent here to be routed out over the various annunciator speakers throughout the house.

    A Static EM Field Monitor

    This portable device uses a Hall Effect Sensor to monitor for variations in a magnetic field. The "Hockey Puck" sensor is placed in a stationary spot and the null adjustment is made to compensate for the earth's natural magnetic field. Once this null point is set any variation will cause an audible alarm to sound.

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